I can picture you, sitting at your computer, typing to me. Words of lust, so provocative that you almost blush as your fingers type them out. You need me, want me, wish I were there... to fill that void, fantasy, need. And I am, in your mind, sitting there behind you, arms wrapped around you, rubbing, touching, feeling your body as the words leave your hands. "Take me" I whisper ever so softly into your ear... my breath leaving chills through out your body, causing a rise to begin from below. I'm kissing you now, kissing, licking, nibbling your neck and ear. I slowly come around, dragging my hand across your back as I gently straddle your body. I want you and you want me. You can picture my hair, soft, a few strands over my eyes, brownish red w/ light blonde streaks, sitting on my shoulders. My eyes looking into yours, deep, you see your reflection through the wonderful specs of green and gold. I'm holding your face in my hands, looking deep into you as I lean forward and gently lick your lips. You're still typing, telling me what you want me to do, telling me that you need me to help you, help you release, feel... that freedom. I slowly kiss down your neck, to your already exposed chest. Running my hands down, nails gently scratching into you. I kiss, lick, suck your nipples, they're hard, pointing, reaching to me. As I start to slide down your lap, hands still on you, watching you, watch me as my tongue leaves a trail, following your trail, to your already excited and bulging member. Do you still want me, can you feel my touch, your typing less and breathing harder, you want to touch yourself and pretend it's me, touching you, feeling you, enjoying you... deep sigh as you feel my warmth, when my lips glide over you, already hard, begging for me, asking me to take you in. Sucking, licking, running my tongue from base to tip. You are so wonderful in my mouth, throbbing, moving in and out, your hands in my hair, my eyes watching you, arch back, enjoying your moment. This is your time, for you, to enjoy me. Your hands lift from yourself but only for a second, you type "more" and I respond. I'm already naked, as per your request. This is your dream, your fantasy, your typing is directing my every move. I being to rise back up your body, you still sitting in your chair. As I arrive at your neck and begin kissing once again I allow my hot, wet...


to be contd... ;P


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more. .. . . ;-)<br />

well, I have a huge ****...it is sort of like a very, very small penis...so...I just imagined it was me instead of him...<br />
wait, sorry guys. you didn't need to hear that again..<br />
that was funny about the debate team..

Hey I do believe I made up for it so BITE ME damn it!!!

yeah, me too, C. I was hoping it was going to be a wet cave, or something. But, it was hot.

tried to be a little "g"... is that possible...


I like the writing style...

please do....