The Shower

Sitting in the shower this morning w/ my right leg straight ahead and my left pulled up and slightly opened... the water was hot, steamy, hard. My naturally long, red painted finger nails slide my lips apart exposing my little pink ****. The water took over, pulsating against me, my eyes closed, picturing you, watching. Laying back, relaxed, enjoying, oh it feels so good, how I want, long, for it to be you, playing, touching... me as I lay back, arched. OH YES... OH IT'S SO GOOD BABY... I see, picture you, sitting there, you're watching, touching, stroking, yourself slowly. You want to touch, just reach in and feel, feel me and play. You call my name in hopes that it might be real; that this fantasy is in front of you and your hair is damp from the steam, your hands wet from my hot shower, that it's you pleasuring me, hot, steamy, hard...




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13 Responses Jul 25, 2007

OMG I laugh everytime someone finds this one. It was written in July... LOL

wow!! im horny as hell now

gulp i think i need to go take a cold shower

Amen an Amen. Lol Nice ta see yaz playin nice hehehehee *grins*

Hey ya gotta laugh or you'll cry!

MM I thought the bathtub was what got us into trouble the last time. Wait, I guess if we leave the phone out of it we'll be ok. *giggle*

Aw shucks mahm need a friendly hand there?<br />

damn that was hot!

damn that was hot!

i cant take it anymore,im gonna..

...and yet another lonely shower this morning. Is it a bad thing to touch yourself so often? heavy sigh...


Wow. Ok, now I'm horny. Dammit.