...the Phone Call


We’re on the phone… your voice so strong, caring, loving. You tell me you want me, to hold me, scold me, eat me, **** me. “Take me”, I tell you, “take all of me”… take me into your fantasy and show me your dreams. I want you too, to feel me, taste me, enter me, show me how a man takes a woman… and a woman I am, a woman with full hips and large breasts, voluptuous and soft…curvy… a woman, not a girl, yet girly in lipstick and lingerie. Sensual and sexy and wanting you back. 

            As we talk you guide me as if you are here, in my room, watching. “Where are your hands” you whisper… and my reply… “in me baby”. Yes as you speak my eyes close and my hands wander, taking over as you, taking me. They are YOUR hands, touching, feeling, discovering. My two middle fingers deep inside my oh so hot ***** as my thumb gently rubs my ****… as you would be rubbing me, entering me, baby I want your tongue deep, in me, wiggling, licking, tasting my sweet, sweet juices. I lift my fingers to my mouth, oh what you are missing, join me baby, can you taste it? “Is it good” you ask… “Does it feel good”… “Oh yes, oh my yes” I feel wonderful, tight, wet and the taste, oh the taste will bring you back, seconds, thirds, a dessert you will crave often. “Do you crave me sweetie, do you want my hard **** deep inside of your wet *****”… Oh yes, like a drug, I so need my fix! Insert your thick, hard syringe deep into me, pump me with your medicine, satisfy my hunger. I want to twitch, moan, thrash around as my body looses control, as you take me, away, to your world. Even for a moment, let me escape from me. I’m in me again, harder and harder I want to explode, I want to *** so bad, with you, listening, to me. It starts, that feeling, from deep inside it feels so good… oh baby it’s taking over, the emotion, the power, I can’t stand it, oh yes, oh baby… oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh the release, so wet, so hot…
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9 Responses Aug 1, 2007

Are you following me SM? HHMMM seems you've been doing A LOT of reading today! LOL Need a cold shower perhaps?

lord im having hot flashes.cant see.need to get to my wife...

Oh and me too...

god... u made me horny

yummy! you are a good writer!

Oh if only all meds were dispensed this way… I’d never miss a dose

I never thought of comparing a ready **** to a syringe filled with medicine! And I work in the medical field! How SLOW of me! Very ORIGINAL of YOU!;)

Great fantasy---this one needs to be made real!

...or end a night... last night to be exact :P