..For You

I come out of the shower just as you are stripping to get in. I didn't bother to dry off... all wet and glistening. I walk right by and over to the bed, looking playfully over my shoulder to ensure that I've caught your eye. I raise one leg onto the bed and begin to crawl. You drop your towel and bring your body to meet mine. I'm on all fours now and you come up behind me and take your hand from my **** up, bringing my wetness up with it. Back down again only your fingers enter into my *****... deep and slow you pump just a bit to get the juices flowing. You pull out and up a few more times spreading my sweet nectar up onto my ***. You spread my cheeks and slowly, carefully, you push the tip of your hard **** into me. I pull forward ever so slightly and then so slow, so gentle, I allow my body to come back onto you, taking you in as you stand holding my hips, watching. More and more I take you into my tight ***, pulling out just a bit every so often to tease you. Almost there you can't wait any longer and begin to pump into me. OMG it hurts but it hurts good. I reach down between my legs and begin to play with my ****. I'm so ******* hot... I want more, I want it all... my body begins to pump with you. Harder, faster, your so ******* hard, oh baby I'm there, your there... oh yes... One last thrust, hard and deep, as you *** inside me...


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9 Responses Aug 18, 2007

i love this site

well sometimes it's a good hurt... like gently pulling hair and such... OH but no blood... LMAO...

I would never, EVER hurt you. <br />
To know that someone loves me so much and wants to let me enjoy my power by putting their body in some very demanding positions makes my stomach do flips...<br />
I am not like that all of the time, but I do take notions...

I'm always up for new and fun and anything you want to try I'm willing... at least once. :P

Yeah, I know T. Same here.<br />
What I really liked about this was that you let ? do it, even though it hurt....Mmmm.<br />
What does that say about me....<br />
the connection you have with someone when you can take it to that level is amazing...

fantasy... that would be my problem... too many fantasies and dreams and not enough realities...

THAT qualifies as a fantasy of mine.

Well pitch away baby!!

I like pitching.