A Month Now

Ok so I don't actually run around and screw every guy I find. OH but how f^cking easy it would be. I have a busy life and not a lot of alone time and being that the "X" is so close (and always asking), that's where I get what little I do get. That being said... "I'M SO F^UCKING HORNEY!" I need to get laid so bad and I want it NOW! Yes I can satisfy myself and have been but OMG enough is enough... an entire month and I'm ready to start naming my fingers just so I can tell myself "so and so" was in me last night. LMAO

Alright, maybe not that bad but damn close! GGGRRRR!! I'm telling you I'm gonna explode any minute now. I'm too f^cking into f^cking to not be able to express it, show it, give it, take it. I want to f^ck and lick and suck and........... take me damn it!!!

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4 Responses Aug 18, 2007

I am so hot too, and need a man always with me in bed *******, sucking, kissing, licking....<br />
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I love that so much, but since I am unmarried, and still living with parents, I am obliged to see my boyfriend only twice a week... Damn.....I don't like that!<br />
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I wish and hope for a man always with me, when i need it, he could give it to me gladly!

call the cops.this women is too hot for a public life.she must be caged in my house until further notice,lol

LMAO... ppl just don't understand! Oh to be a **** right now!! I swear you'll read about in on the news... "woman explodes from lack of sex!"

Damn...thought I was horny! My mood was posted as hungry but I'm changing it right now to horny cause I sprung up like a ******* flagpole at full attention reading that. I feel the same...I am completely addicted to sex. Even though I do get it with some regularity, I still need more...constantly. It's too bad every time I jerk off and you use a finger it couldn't have been us helping each other out. I feel your pain!