If I Could Just Find One Somewhere...

Cig box is empty and I can't seem to get my mind off that fact. I want a hit so bad, just one puff...that is all I ask for. Actually, some nice cloves would be great too right about now! I haven't had them in awhile, I must remind myself to go get some. A lighter too, I've seemed to have misplaced my smoking tool as well, no matches for me, and trying to light a cig over a flame burner from the stove is just dangerous not to mention idiotic, yet I do admit to have recently done that same "smart" idea myself. Ha, desperation perhaps...taking over. Oh who am I kidding...what smoker hasn't done that once in their life.....?....I guess the key word there is "once", whereas I have done it quite a few times. ....Smart...Okay, I just need to shut up now. ........Matches anyone?

Rougejigga Rougejigga
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 13, 2010

I would love to lite your smokes ;)