Some Crazy Experience

Here is an example of what I feel. I have a book and there is a picture of the author in it. And when I came home with this book from the book store I looked at the author and understood that he reminds me of some guy I know. And I don't like this guy I know and the problem is that I can't read this book because I start thinking about that guy I know... Here is another example. I watched a tv programme with some musician and at some moment he started to remind me of some professor (a woman!) at university with whom I had problems and I couldn't watch the programme any more. it may sound crazy or ridiculous.. but it is very unpleasant. what can one do with it?
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1 Response Sep 14, 2012

Just let it go. Hoarding gold en masse will inevitably leave out space for you to sit on the horse. Keep watching, doing, and reading what you want. Your mind is a terrible leader, but an excellent servant.