I Need Some Advice: I Want To Call About A Job That I Applied For But I Don't Know If I Should Wait For Them To Call Me.

I want to call about the status of a job I applied for 2 weeks ago. But I don't know if I should wait for them to call me. I spoke w/ the employer about a week ago, he said He would move me up on the list (qualified applicants). And he would make contact on the 28th (today)
I really need this job and I'm anxious.
What should I do? wait or call them now. And if I call now,how do I present myself?
shaprins shaprins
1 Response Nov 28, 2012

Ok when u want a job u call them so much till they kno ur first n last name.... It show that u really want it..... I kno i use to be a super n did all the hiring n thats what i would look 4....8) goodluck