Im Conflicted About What To

So I decided to try online dating and met this guy who I thought was awesome. We clicked immediately and for a few weeks were talking every day all the time and seeing each other quite often. Well then all the sudden one weekend I dont hear from him at all. Come Monday he has an excuse for not contacting me for three days, but it doesnt quite sit well. So a friend of mine decides to try to find him on facebook (he told me he didnt have one) ends up finding him and adds him as a friend. Come to find out he has had a girlfriend the entire the point where his status says he is in a relationship with her, they frequently tag each other in pictures ect, and although they dont spend a lot of time together (as hes frequently with me) they seem pretty serious. My friend sends me everything from his facebook and I can tell that he spend the weekend he didnt talk to me with her, and his dishonesty is to the point where he is leaving my house and then meeting up with her. Anyways, I dont tell him that I know specific details, but I tell him that I know hes been seeing someone. He denies it, says they split when we started talking. For some unknown reason I drop it and we keep talking. Im not unintelligent, I know what this looks like. I also am not the type to be involved with someone who I know is cheating. However, I cant seem to end it with him, nor decide what to do. The problem is that I really like him, and despite him undeniably being involved with someone else we talk every day and see each other quite often. I know this cannot go anywhere, as I dont want to be with someone and have to share them, but at the same time I cannot figure out it there is nothing between us how can he invest so much time and energy??? I just cannot make sense out of why a guy who seems to just be lying to two girls is that attentive...? I also want to know if telling the girlfriend is appropriate. I guess ultimately I need help in figuring out how to end it, and what to do about it.
mscurlz mscurlz
Nov 29, 2012