I recently split up from my boyfriend and even though its been 2 months I cant get over him and am getting restless nights over this as well as this i have a situation at home which i am struggling to cope with, i have exams coming up and my friends always seem to need my help but wont help me i am getting to the point where i dont want to live any more and i dont know who to talk to does anyone have any advise
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Omg..... It is so hard to get over n ex.... U spend most of time together n u not use to bein without him.... I kno bcuz i been there trust..... U kno what srew ur friends what type of friends anyway..... But the ex have a place in ur heart to say f him bcuz he will do it to u..... N its hard but it will get better n u seem like u way smarter then suicide he not worth ur life.... U way more important

Relax, stay calm and get over it (a bit harsh). It sounds like he was ur first love, it is usually the hardest to deal with, but that doesn't necessarily means that he was the right person for u. Focus on studies, then deal with the heartache but it does get easier. Try talking to a family member, get some ice cream, list all his negatives and then move on. Hope this helps.

P.S. Suicide is no way to think get that idea out of ur head, I've seen the fallout of a family member taking their life and it is so upsetting for everyone as they blame themselves. Just talk