I Need Advice

So recently I've been becoming my normal self again. I love it! I feel so in place. The thing is though, when I'm myself i call people out. If they're being a ***** or an *** I'm not afraid to say so. This is causing problems with my friends and stuff. When I call people out I'm not thinking, it's just an impulse and so I end up hurting people. Afterwards I feel guilty. They just yell at me afterwards and don't forgive me. I don't blame them. I would probably be the same way. Thing is I don;t know if I should be myself or stay changed as I was before just to spare others' feelings. Any input would be great thanks.
angelicangelz angelicangelz
13-15, F
2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Be yourself but call people what you want to be called. Before you're about to say something to people think, "Is it worth it?" Because I think it's more important to keep them as a friend than to have them not be your friend because they're mad at you.

Ok no dont change urself but only speak out if it have sumthin to do with u or if they ask u..... Its about speakin the truth not hurtin ppl.....