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Help Me..........

Hi....I'm a 19 years old. I'm a student. I desperately need help...I did not know where to express it. I'm from a middle class family, my father died when I was 6. I have a younger sister who is who is now 13 years old. Our mom worked hard to put us through school. Now my sister developed a heart condition which requires a surgery with in six months. But my mom has got no money. We tried begging money from our relatives, but they wouldn't avail. We sold all we could for her medical expenses and now we have nothing. Because of this my mom committed a suicide, and her death ceremony was over just yesterday. Now I have got no idea what to do. My uncles left yesterday and I have no hope of any helping hand from them.

So here i am, searching for some help. some advise....I have no close friends, no mom to talk to, I literally have no one to talk to. I can't share my worries with my sister as she is too delicate to handle it.

I'm ready to do anything, to get my sisters surgery as there is only seven weeks left. I'm a good artist. I can sell paintings. I can sell anything. I'm even ready to sell my kidney or liver or any other part. I desperately need 2 lakhs as soon as possible. People please help me...Help my sister.... I don't want your money. All I need is advise. Please tell me ways to get the money...Do banks give loans for such things? Please.....
gandalf9 gandalf9 22-25 1 Response Jan 21, 2013

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Do u own ur house? If so u may have 2 sell it..... Im so sorry this happen 2 u n ur family im not a big fan of the bible but u need 2 pray n i do believe in god..... But if i win some i do kno the first person i would help......