Hi, I'm a teenage guy and I always feel sad and disappointed about myself all the time after I masturb8 since I'm a christian. I don't like to masturb8 but sometimes i just fell unto it and can't control myself. I need help or any advice how can I totally cure this problem of mine.
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in our science class, we happened to talk about it... my science teacher is a pure Christian devotee... she shared her experience in relation to that to us once... she said that a seminarist approached him and asked him about it... though I can't remember the exact words, but my science teacher told that man who had the same problem as you that, that it is just but normal... and it actually have benefits to the health, IF, and only IF,done properly... cause there also could be consequences in wrong ways of handling it...

I guess all guys do it. No need to feel guilty abt it

you cant baws. God gave us this ability. it releases emotions, and stress. Now if you do it every night that can be a problem. God is not going to punish you if you do it once in a while. make sense?

And now a word from the old and decrepit. Jeez... lighten up guys. ************ is a natural response to active hormones. Try to control it, but if you can't just get up, dust yourself off and try again. Get rid of the guilt. It is a useless emotion. God loves imperfect people. He doesn't expect you to be perfect. He only expects you to try and not give up.

Just stop ************ if it makes you feel so bad.

But I don't know how to stop. :'(

Easy, don't put your hand down your pants.

... :O

Keep praying for you to not have the desire to do that. Always ask for forgiveness and believe that GOD will deliver you.

awwe, thank you very much.