It hurts me to even write this it makes me cry to even think about it. So I've been speaking to this boy for like a year and a half now and he's just amazing we FaceTime a lot we speak everyday without fail he always tells me how beautiful I am and how amazing he thinks I am he is always there for me he makes me laugh he really does mean a lot to me he's the only person I speak to but 2 problems the first one is he lives 6 hours away from me and the second reason is really why I'm writing this experience I lied to him when we first started speaking I was 14 and he was 17 I told him I was 15 because I didn't want him to stop talking to me but I didn't think it would've got this far we have feelings for each other and it's gotten to the point where I can't imagine my life where he's not a part of it anyway out birthdays are both in May his is afew days before mine he turned 18 I then turned 15 but he thinks I'm 16 now and I just I don't know what to do . Do you think he'll care about the age gap and do you think he would understand if I told him why , he knows I suffer from depression an anxiety it really gets me down and when he showed an interest in me and we started talking I didn't want it to stop and I thought that if he knew I was 3 years younger he wouldn't speak to me anymore I don't want that I really need him but we've had plans to meet and If we decide to have a relationship it'll already be based on lies it's killing me on the inside and I can't cope anymore , also he has a brother that's like 16 now I think I reckon that'd be the Main reason he'd stop talking to me because I'm younger than his brother and he might feel weird about it idk Erugh please help me
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If he truly does have feelings for you then age shouldn't be a problem

This is what I think but I think it will hurt

Take a chance! If you think he's the one then you shouldn't hesitate, if he stops talking or whatever then he wasn't right for you

It's so hard 😭

Your gonna have to tell him eventually :)

Iknow think I might wait till I've had afew drinks to take the edge off ahhaha

Haha that would make it a lot easier!

Loves stupid😴😂

Do you talk to him on the phone? I think it would be better if you told him that way

That's even more hard

Drinking? Online relationships? Older guys? You should tell your parents about this.

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First off a relationship start with a lie will never work. Next time y'all talk be honest with him tell him the truth.Good chance he will be upset, Now depend where y'all live there could be some laws that forbid him from having a relationship with you without your parents approved

I live In the uk it's not really seen as that bad over here tbh

Than tell him your real age and see how he reacts

What if he doesn't wanna speak to me anymore :(

That's the chance you have to take, let's turn it around what if you were talking with a boy who was really only 12 but acted and look older

That's different he's not gone through puberty 😳

If he cares about you than age will not matter, he made be mad about the lying

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