So tonight my dad got to sit down and talk with Ashton and that went really well. I told Ashton if it did then I would go and meet his parents well..............I am scared to death to meet his mom and step dad...............I was in a relationship for four years where his mom and step dad hated me before they even knew me. Even tho Ashton is telling me everything is gonna be okay and his parents will give me a chance, unlike previous parents, I mean I want to meet his parents cause I know it would mean a lot to Ash. I am just afraid of the rejection, it ruined my relationship last time. We just made the best of an unhealthy relationship. Ash knows I am stressed out because of my ex trying to start stuff with not only with him but the rest of my family too. So here I am trying to get him to come get his stuff and get my stuff back too, keeping Ashton from loosing his temper, and keeping my dad and grandpa going all sorts of crazy redneck on his ***. Juggling my senior year and the stress that comes along with that and other family issues. It makes me scared to death to meet his parents cause what if they ask me about my family or about my scars????? I NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TOO!!!!!!
SlimsB SlimsB
18-21, F
Aug 30, 2014