Thrilling... Please...

I need something thrilling... For example skydiving or cliff jumping or bungee jumping... freaking anything that will give me that rush... My soon to be ex-husband is leaving me for the most ridiculous reasons... i'm going to be a single mom... i'll be on my own for the first time ever and i feel like i'm losing control of everything... the ****** part about wanting something exciting is you have to have money... har de har har... i just got another tattoo because i needed something exciting... i needed a change i could control... now i want to jump out of an airplane in a controlled manner... lol...
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22-25, F
2 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Love the comments!!!! thank you!!!!

Hahaha loved your attitude girl!! Just thinking how something bad thing happened to you and you can still laugh about it - that is something great. I am trying to laugh off something legal my ex husband put against me radically out of his overly anxious self! <br />
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The good thing about doing something extreme is you are facing and conquering your own fear.. and the best part is you will feel absolutely great after doing it!!! And all the worries are in the past. You go girl!