"I Need Some Excitement In My Life"

I need to quit living in the past and move on with things. I have been single for over 6 months! I am still not entirely over my ex even though I shouldn't give him a second thought. I was ok with being alone at first and now I am really starting to hate it! I just wish I could meet someone exciting to bring back my quality for life! I want to meet someone special but I know if I go out looking thats one sure way of finding Mr.Wrong! My ex has moved on and is with someone else and I am alone! It doesn't seem right! I am still somewhat hanging on to old feelings for him and it is not going to do me any good! I want a boyfriend! I think 6 mos is enough time spent alone!
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Just some insight if you are alone now and all you have lost is your ex that means that you made them the center of your universe. Although our relationships with our significant others should be a priority it ahould never be the only time you have companionship. Some fall head over heals over someone and completely ditch everyone in thwir lives, they start to suffocate the one person they care about. I'm not saying this is you. But one day it ends and they realize that all of their friends are estranged, some gone, others just gave up trying to hang with you. If it's been a long term relationship you may need more time to gwt over them. Don't just go meet men to fill a void and make them your rebound toy. It's not fair to them. Get in touch with your friends go out you'll meet someone. Find a new hobbey. Go to the gym, join an aerobic class, a yoga group, zumba, take dance lessons, martial arts, join a sports team, get involved with something that can be fun exciting, demand some of your time, put you in with new groups of friends, build commradery. You'll start hanging out with these people. And the best part about doing physically active things is it releases endorphins in the body a natural chemical that gives you a high and makes you happy. Don't ever make any one person the center of your universe, because as you can see they can also take it all away. Good luck!

Perhaps this alone time was good for you. Moving on is not necessarily starting a new relationship. There are people who get in relationships before they are ready, for the wrong reasons and that is not good.<br />
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Take this time to meet new people, male and female and do fun things. Work on getting your life in order so that when you do meet someone special, you will feel right about it. Love will happen oftentimes when you are not looking for it. (Preaching to the choir again...)<br />
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"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." <br />
- John Lennon

It is time to move on .<br />
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Let it go he has.<br />
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I am confident you will find the right one if you make a list for yourself what you are looking for in a guy and look for those qualities. Dont repeat bad habits with your new guy and dont talk about your x to your new guy this is taboo........<br />
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Best of Luck!!!!<br />
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I found this pretty interesting. I'm turning 19 this year, and both you (cmost) and AbbyNormal mention how you like and dislike being alone. Personally I can't understand how "6 months!" can be considered a long time to be without a solid relationship, considering the fact that there's no doubt countless numbers of people out there having spent years being alone (haven't all of us, in our childhood?). I'm aware of that people handle things differently, but personally I find 6 months a very small amount of "alone-time". I'm personally very sick of having wasted most of my youth on being alone, but AbbyNormal's comment on how she respects her alone-time more as she gets older kind of confuses me. I'm assuming that statement only rings true if one actually engages in some form of relationship once in a while? Personally I've gotten used to the situation, but surely I often feel a dire need of someone else.<br />
Maybe the key solution to everything concerning this lies within the very first line in the story; "need to quit living in the past"?<br />
Does being alone differ as you grow older? <br />
Perhaps I'm hi-jacking this story a bit here, but I just felt a need to fish for some comments on the matter.

the older i get the more i've come to respect that 'alone time' after a break up ... it's when i do my best reflection, my best self-improvement, sorting through all my emotional baggage and am able to get rid of some of it, my best housework (heheheee) and you know? i always come out better when i take my time and find resolve with several issues that seem to continually plague me in my relationships ... little by little i'm perfecting my abilities and evolving into a good girlfriend, wife, etc. take your time and clean out the emotional refridgerator of all the moldy stuff (reflect and heal!)

When I found myself single or lonely I learned that joining clubs, organizations, or doing volunteer work really helped - especailly at meeting quality, interesting people.