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Im with ta man i love yet im far away from home i be here all day waiting for him and he only comes for 5 to 10 minutes he eats and goes back to work i only get to ask him how was Ur day ! when he gets back from work hes all tired we eat dinner and he goes cheeks he's em@ils then we see some TV. together and then we shower together i don't get why im sad this is what i wanted its just hard he comes out so tired that he wont even let me lay on hes chest some times couse he hast to rest 8 hours so he can go back to work i don't know if its because time we go to sleep its pretty late but anyways whee gone down a Lil like i know he loves me but some times i wish he could just spend time with me ta only days we can are Fridays to Sundays ta rest of ta Weeks this at least wear going food shopping today he likes to go with me o well these are just my thoughts and i waned to share i need advice ! fast
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You can write him a short letter to read while he is out on duty~ ,,,,when i was in the military some of the spouses, both male and female, felt the same way and they did that to keep things more intimate, since something diff' about a handwritten note + incase not able to check their electronic mail = paper not fail =P<br />
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feel free to adds, I'm up for some good yappens =3

Hey honey... (((hugs))) I know how hard this life is for you. Lots of people in my family are in the forces and they are all heros including your man. Look after him and treat him like he's the king of your Castle. I keep cookie dough in my fridge (refridgerator biscuits - I can give you the recipe) and I always bake a couple of fresh ones every day and he has them whilst I massage his feet. It's a nice way for him to wind down and then it doesn't interfere with any loving later. I think husbands really need alot of support like this if they are to keep on being the same strong men we married :o)