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Forever Alone Want A Friend

I just entered this site a few weeks ago, sorry my english)

And I'm feeling alone, I have no real trust friends for a time, no girlfriend. My social life is nothing is only on the web, and a little in college..
So... what I'm really looking for, is a person who have similar interests, that like games to play online, music, like to have a really sincere good talk, with no shame, talk about interests, travels, daily life, etc. (this man, what i'm need).
So if you want to talk by me about anything im here looking for a dayly friend.

I have a another story, for more details see it
Legit1Fvalone Legit1Fvalone 18-21, M 1 Response Apr 4, 2012

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Hello how are you?

Hello there friend, im good and you?
what coincidence, a lot of time I don't come here on this site, and someone post.

Lol thanks and well I like your dr house picture, I really like that character. And I have one crazy idea... I'd like to meet Hugh Laurie one day lol, well I know I'm crazy

Really that's great! Im a big fan of him and his character, of course!
I love the House, but I still in the first series, i'm downloading.
So you are interested in make friends?? you've entered this site early? sorry my english

Don't worry about your English I'm Mexican so I've been learning it for only one year and half and yes I'm interested in making friends. And well may ask where you from

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