If You Have Any Experience In Psychology Or Hoarding, Please Give Me A Hand

I need some help understanding my Mom. Let me begin by giving a brief run down on the pertinent info..

She had a rough childhood. Her father committed suicide on Father's Day when she was a mere nine years old. He was terminally ill and could not function very well; having trouble communicating he must have had enough with his pain. I do not know how this immediately affected my mom. I just know she is a bit off now.

She has a very hard time parting with things, things that may seem of no significance to the average person. I guess in a way she displays the qualities that coincide a hoarder. For a very long time we have had rooms filled with what I call "crap". Not necessarily just newspapers and magazines but also expensive "crap". She fancies herself an interior decorator and buys decorations all the time just for them to accumulate in the living room or dining room. Me and my father, in a collective effort, have tried to rid our house of this stuff with her approval. Never works. There is no way for us to reason with her, she just flips

She is a very emotional person. Let me explain; Where an average person would use, lets say, 60% emotions and %40 logic to make a decision or react to a situation, she uses 97% emotions and 3% logic to do the same. I do not want this to sound like an exaggeration but it really is how I would quantitatively assess it. She just goes off of emotions and it has its positives and negative. Positives being - she's thoughtful, loving, loves pets and animals, writes thank you cards. Negatives - super freaking bipolar, overweight, could never hold a job, blah.

I love her, don't get me wrong. I just don't know how to reason with her. Is she a hoarder? Are traumatic experiences how hoarders begin their hoarding? Her collection of crap has severely affected my social life. I will not bring friends home and it is hard to keep friends while they know nothing of your home life. Its a disgrace. Any tips on dealing with my situation and getting her help would be very appreciated.
chimeyera chimeyera
18-21, M
May 17, 2012