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i have put aloy have story on here and i like this page and im feeling really down today thats way i put on here i need help i have bipoler 1 and dep.. really bad and there is group on here for that but i just put in i need help and i brought me here so i will ask if anyone on here can ans.. a few ? about if they get alot of pain and headaches with thier dep... and tell me a lil about them i try to understand this illness and thats what it is and i would like to meet and to get to know people like me that maybe we could help each other i would really be thankful to you im haveing a really hard time doing this alone and i dont know what else to do so thanks for reading
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My brother and one of my aunts have bi-polar. They both have hypothyroidism as well, and that exacerbates the headaches, body aches and the depression. Has your thyroid been tested? I too, hope that you can find the strength you need to overcome your depression.

i have panic disorder, which along with that comes depression, anxiety, you name it... i find support groups have been helpful to me. (besides this place) cuz then you realize youre not alone!! i randomly get headaches with my panic, especially obviously when i'm stressed.<br />
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feel free to message me anytime if you need a freind!!!

Hi, I've never had bipolar disorder (though I've studied it a bit), so I can't really help you in a practical way, but I just wanted to say that I really hope you find the strength to overcome your disorder. I had mild depression a few years ago and found how helpful it was to talk to someone, even someone I didn't really know. Good luck.

Bipolar is a hard illness to deal with. I don't have it but I know most of the symptoms. When I was depressed I had headaches too. I don't know much about Bipolar but I have found a self help site and I will give it to you just in case. On the left pane there is more info on Bipolar.