I've never asked for help in my relationship, but now I feel down. I have a relationship for 20 months but I don't feel he loves me anymore. He continually tells me that he loves me but he started to behave a little bit rude and distant with me. Whenever I try to tell him what I feel like he axuses me of not trusting him and our relationship and this discution goes on until I decide to relinquish. He gets angry easily and we usually have contradictory discutions. He dosen't say that he want to break up with me but he makes me feel like this. Apart of this, we give pieces of advicd to each orher when we feel down, we discuss unhesitantly about anything, we kiss passionatelly. I am so confused.
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Take him out for coffee and at some point just gaze into his eyes and say that you love him but MAKE SURE that it comes from the heart.
The next step is that if he says it back but doesn't maintain eye contact or looks away.. Chances are he's not feeling the same way.

I know all this because I was that guy who strung on the girl who loved me for so long but I just couldn't break up with her.

Your strong and you will get through this.

Sounds interesting :-? I'll try, thank you! :-)