"java" Poetry With Sexual Imagery

I need some more coffee...

Taking my coffee addiction to a whole other level!


Written by SexeeMom in 2004

I am your morning coffee

your morning moan.

My scent,

my taste,

everything about me rises to your morning.

My aroma fills your nose.

You harvest me in a thousand villages.

I dance on the inside of your nose,

on the taste buds of your luscious tongue.

I steam hot as I waft in your face

slightly distorting your vision, caressing it.

You sit back for a moment

giving the fog time to clear.

You set me down

teasing your senses


you can taste me on your eager lips

and lift me to your mouth

once again.

My flavor is French Vanilla

sending images of an invisible



dripping slowly into your cup

as if a droplet of melting ice cream

off the tip




You hold me with your hand


latte legs spread.

You watch as I erotically slide off the spoon

stirring the white


dropping into the blackness.

The color of my cream lightens

spirals into a beige tasteful bliss

as if you have just witnessed


become another part of a much



You inhale me

my aroma

once again

as if you had just opened the door

to your favorite coffee bar.

The seduction of my scent hits you all at once

simultaneously filling your senses

giving you an almost uncontrollable moan.

You feel this.

This moan

on the tip of your tongue

streaming into my wetness.

My heat rising

without warning

giving into to an eager tongue.

When, pausing in the middle of your day

you stop into your favorite coffee shop

order me

once again

in whatever size you'd like.




I am available however you'd like.

You set down your coffee mug.

I release your paperwork.

I turn around.

You watch



walk out

of your plain, white, office.
SexeeMom SexeeMom
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