w/ creme brulee cremer no less!!! what a way to start the day.

of course this is my second cup. the first better be w/o flavor, hot and strong. I don't really do well w/o it.


Ya know - and it's not just a I would like to have some coffee. or ... some coffee would be lovely right now. it's more of a

GIVE ME THE ******* COFFEE POT NOW OR YOU WILL DIE!!! kind of a thing.

you know???

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Once in a while, when I order a black coffee at a Starbucks' concession, I'll be asked what I'd like in my coffee. I am always tempted then to offer them to have that coffee on me. Or maybe I should just change my mind and implement Bill Maher's Starbucks' Rule of Engagement: "The more complicated the Starbucks order, the bigger the arsehole. If you walk into a Starbucks and order a "decaf grande half-soy, half-low fat, iced vanilla, double-shot, gingerbread cappuccino, extra dry, light ice, with one Sweet-n'-Low and one NutraSweet," ooh, you're a huge arsehole."

OMG odie don't be gross!!!!

hey - I'm with you lab - no starfucks (i like that). I'm a local Donut shop kind of coffee guy. Of course love the really fresh stuff (beans less than a week old) when I can get it (which is rarely).

actually - i rarely ever go to starfucks. it's nasty to me. I hate most of their stuff. <br />
(forward hate mail about this comment to odie).

ah now that's a man I want around first thing in the am!!! Thanks!!!