I Just Need Someone to Listen

At the moment, my family is in a mess.  I don't have a father anymore (he is still alive, he just has no interest in the family) so my mother is by herself looking me and my brother.  She is an alcoholic.  We don't have much money but we get by.  However ever day, more than once a day, my mum and brother shout and swear at each other and I am left to listen to it as there is nothing I can do.  I hate it.  I have run away once but was picked up by the police.  I am at the legal age now where I can move out (and I want to and have somewhere to go) but I am too scared to talk to mum about it.  She has been violent before, more verbally than physically, and I don't know what her reaction will be.  Also at the moment I can't seem to catch her in a good enough mood... or awake.

Can anyone help or just be someone to talk to? 


Tsuna Tsuna
4 Responses Aug 4, 2009

im really sorry but if you ever need someone to talk to you can talk to me :) i dont know if you know the Lord or who God is but he loves you and if you ever feel alone or scared or anything you can talk to him and he is always there for you no matter what :) i promise!

How are you doing today? I suggest maybe getting into college there is a lot of help and support there. It would keep you busy and away from home in a positive way and they might even help with a job. Don't be discouraged if your family put you down and don't look for support from them, sometimes when they fear you leaving they will put you down. Just imagine you goal and think about that constantly and you will get thru this. =)

Good luck, if you want I will GLADLY listen to your story, send me a message =)

Be calm and polite with your family and try to get some job , i hope this could workout