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im only 18 but i have been with my boyfriend 8 years, i am so inlove with him. never been or wanted anyone else. we was so happy together, it was like a fairy tail but i never got my happy ever after. 2 years ago he cheated on me with my gay best friend. yes my bf is bisexual i never new this till then.. i was heart broken. he didnt cheat in the physical sense, it was messages about cheating with eachother.... but that stopped when i found out and i stayed with him... months later i find out there was someone else, shes younger than him, shes obsessed with him. this time was physical but not sex ..... i chose to stay again...... i got into bad depression , i was in and out of hospital because i didnt care about my life.. he was the only one there for me at this time, we got so close again, fell in love all over again. however now its changing again, hes distant , dont want to spend time with me , dont talk to me, dont touch me .... is it time to leave him? should i have left him sooner? should i try make us work ? iv never been so confused
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