Tender loving care.  What a wonderful thing.  Both to give and to receive.  

It's sad when it is no longer available in your own home.  

Or, even worse, when you try to give it and it's rejected.

Today I feel like a child who didn't get a visit from Santa Claus.  St. Valentine didn't stop by here.  In fact, I can't remember when he last came by.  Not sure I'd recognise him if he did.

I'm feeling sorry for myself today.  Apologies. 

I need some tlc.

womaninbliss womaninbliss
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3 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Thanks Steve and dreamvoyeur.

Oh I know Sylph... I attach no significance to 14th Feb especially. Any day should be love day, I agree. Thanks and hugs back to you too.

Awww, Bliss...I can play Cupid Fairy for you...offered that with someone here, or trying at least. LOL ;)<br />
Don't be too upset with Valentine's Day. It's just a glorified day to mean something...but any day should be love day, don't you think so? *hugs honey*