Would Be Nice

Need someone i can call when the world seems to be falling apart around me

Yes even at 4 in the morning when the tears won't stop

Someones soothing voice that doesn't care about the time or the thing they were in the middle of or panic when they hear your distress think your crazy- but just be there

Someone to remind you they are by your side always, someone to take the edge off the pain, put the bottom back into life's latest disappointment, someone who can remind you it's going to be OK 

Someone who will let you rant and scream all you need to, let you cry while gentle words pour into the wounds left by the world 

Simple comfort   

It would be nice

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15 Responses Oct 19, 2008

Sometimes I think making a call is not enough. Personally, I would talk to you at 4 in the morning - but for me it would be far too little, not being able to hug you but being able to hear how you're crying...

too bad people just don't care

I feel the same way... over at my end, best friends didn't exist after 7th grade :(


I guess, evening and late into the night, we can come down some, but want to share where we are at. Maybe we let our guard down late in the night.


as if


you need a webcam for that which costs $$$ and prbably doesn't work well with dial up

i just need a freind that will be there

I feel that way too at times. I was kind of under the impression that you didin't want to be told that everything was going to be ok--..but now that I read this I know differently. I call it taking my crazy out for a walk....my crazy needs a stong supportive yet non judgmental friend to walk with until it is ready to get back in it's cage. Takes a special person to be there in the ways that you are taking about here. My friend that was there for me in that way died a couple years ago and the void is enormous.

i know

me too

glad you like

"while gentle words pour into the wounds left by the world"<br />
<br />
This wordcrafting is perfect.<br />
<br />
ps<br />
cool avitar

i know