Just to Talk to Someone Would Be Nice

I wish there was someone that I could talk to about my problems that I am going through now. Esp. my problems with my man, some nights I hardly sleep from worry and stress.

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Well, Dear One.<br />
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They tell me I'm retired, so I have all the time in the world to entertain pretty women even if I never physically meet them. As a former Chaplain, I'm used to listening.<br />
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First, let me share some giggles? Every body needs a giggle or two.<br />
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I write romance novels and comedy at the Searcher Comedy Club. <br />
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http://www.myspace.com/searchercomedyclub<br />
http://www.myspace.com/searchercc<br />
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Here's the rest of the story: <br />
http://searcherbookstore.com<br />
I'm still working on this one, so don't expect perfection.<br />
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blueraven6<br />

I don't really mind If you live in the lower 48 cause your 4 am is my 1 am, and I'm always up then. lol 907 687 8973

well i live under blue sky .. if you like to join me i can hear you and share too .. and i am good listener but i cannot call you because i did not know your number and i wake up so late in morning .. <br />
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Best of luck..<br />
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