Ive Posted This Story 4 Times,`no One Has Helped Me.. Please Someone I Need Somebody

To start` off my boyfriend and i have been with each other for three years.

in the beggining of the relationship, i lied to him about my past of the guys i had been with, because one i was taken advantage of horribly and i was ashamed of myself. and once he found out he called me a sl*t and a wh**e.


my boyfriend has cheated on me multipul times and even a few times before he found out i lied. then months down the road i was with a few of my girlfriends and a guy grabbed my hand for less then a minute and i didnt tell him about it then when i did, he says i cheated on him

so today i annoyed him when i got confused about something, i like thought he meant something about the house alarm being on and i was like no no babe it isnt on and he was like well why not and i explanned why and he was like "god! do you ever listen i meant the phone alarm so i know when to leave. youre so annoying!"

and once he got annoyed he left our house and went to his sisters house and his ex amanda was there and i texted him and said is there anyone there i should know about and he texted back "Manda" and so i called and was like are you serious you are going to call her by her nickname and he was like well you call your ex by his nickname all the time my ex's name is r.j but that  isn't his real name but it is the name he gets called by everyone because he is the second one in his family with the name.

and we got in to this big fight and he was like " your a horrible girlfriend i should just be with amanda, get her to suck my d**k and make me c*m, you know you made me realize i am in love with her" and then i started crying and he was like "go ahead and cry, i don't care" and then broke up with me and hung up. i then called back and he answered and he was laying down with his ex in bed talking to her all sweet because she didnt feel good.



i am so hurt and i dont know what to do. after everything that i did wrong the lying ( which was in the very very start of the relation ship and the hand holding was a year ago) do i deaserve all of this?, what can i do to make things better?,  i love this man but i dont know what to do please help me

p.s... i had to edit this story just now because i texted him and asked him what he was doing and he said leave me alone im with my girlfriend.. and i called and him and his ex really are back together...

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you can messege me whenever. Ive had some abusive guys in the past before i was with my husband so i can relate. Im sorry about the abuse youve gone through.

what a freakin jerk. theress better guys and friends since you dont need a bf.

PM me anytime.-I'm female so don't worry about that...if you know what I mean.

Sweetheart, you seriously need to dump that a-hole. He totally doesn't deserve someone as dedicated as you. Def. NOT right for him to do that to you. You should have left him when these things first started happening, but nothing you can do about that now, so, just pick up your heart, put it back together and move on. It's hard to forget about him, but you need to do this. For yourself and for the guy you date next. <br />
I didn't mean to sound preachy, haha. But if you need a girl to talk to, I'm a pretty cool chick and i love to chat.

well ARIEL this guy is a jerk and he puts us men back 100 s yrs but , dont have his side ill runn w/ yours and you should run f-him and its gonna hurt but you arent pregnant ? reguardless id not put up with the 5th grade bull-chit for you text is child like and personaly if you cant say it to my face your not old enough to have a /f or g/f or a lover on the side let alone have whoever answer thier phone and yap crapp to you run -- blow this idiot off and get over this pieace --- summer is comming up look toward that and move on with YOUR life gl hey this place is big sorry i missed you roc

i think that this guy is a jerk and noone deserves to be treated disrespectfully if you were takin advantge of in previous relationships that is not your fault he should have been understanding. When you finally did get the courage to tell him if you did he should have listened to you and if he loved you would have been understanding and there for you. he is not worth you being sad you are probably a wonderful person that deserves to be loved and taken care of not beaten down for your past. He is a **** and obviously dosent deserve someone as good as you. i can tell your a good person and that you love him very much or you wouldnt take the time to worry. i have had horrible relationships in the past and thought i had done something wrong only to find there are better men out there that will treat you with respect and love. Im extremely sorry for the treatment you recieved take some time think dont call or text him and when you finally are at a place where you have regained confidence find a man that will love you you deserve it. by the way my name is emily if you ever need someone to talk to who will listen message me