My Life.

Every girl I have ever dated has lived a rough life, has had emotional problems, or some other thing messed up about them. I love to help people, I LOVE to help people, I always love being the one there for her. I feel as if I can save them and help them from their disturbed depressed lifestyle. I am their friend, bestfriend, brother, guardian figure they never had in life. I would go all the lengths whether it was spending money or all my time. I would fall in love with these types of emotional wrecks and do everything I could.

But there is something I never realized untill the last ciggarette I had twelve minutes ago, I spent my life trying to help and save the abused, when I am the one who needs to be saved.

Why do I do this? Am I just trying to be the person I want to come and find me? Am I trying to make my self believe someone will come and find me one day? The perfect person in my eyes to fall in love with. How long will it take?

I just cant believe it, I have never felt like this before.

I have all the greatest friends in the world, I am so damn popular and funny, I consider myself attractive. Im outgoing and can start a conversation with everyone and anyone from the bus stop to the hallway.

But no one understands how I feel, maybe some things may be differn't in your lifestyle, but am I truely alone?

Let me know...

jayjayasdfwasd jayjayasdfwasd
18-21, M
Mar 8, 2010