Sometimes that is all I really need. Someone to be there, for me, to be there understanding, and just supporting me, helping me through the hard times. I am so use to be the strong one, but sometimes I just really need someone to be there for me, and understanding, but most of all, someone who is strong....because sometimes I just can't be strong anymore!
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i know what you are going through coz i ve been there many times, ope you get through it soon

hey, i know exactly how you feel. I've been the strong one for most of my life and sometime feel the same way, though it's getting worse i have sometime till i arrive at your point.

please feel free to drop me a line at anytime, i would be happy to talk and be the leaning post you need till your able to stand once more. no pressure but my door is always open.


no problemo! yo soy de dios!!!