A Wall Built Of Concrete

       For so long I have been strong and held my own. I never backed down and never let anyone walk all over me like I'm a door mat, but I eventually started to weaken and loose my strength and believe what everyone was saying about me was true. Then I had found my recent boy friend and really got to know him better than his own family knows him. They would try to put him down and slap him all the time but I never let that happen. I seen a lot of him in me so something there made me snap and just stand up to these people.
        I fought and fought for him and argued with them about how wrong they were on everything they were saying about him. Eventually the attention turned from him to me, that's when they started making up the lies about me and calling me names, like who** and Bit** all the time. I never acknowledged that, though yes it did bother me, and my boy friend never said anything to them unless I had said something to him about it. I was only ever fighting for him and I never stuck up for myself... I feel I deserve someone who will do the same at least just once in a while without me having to tell them to. What's the point in fighting anymore? I just need someone to be strong for me once in a while to ya know...
XieryaWolf XieryaWolf
22-25, F
1 Response Apr 15, 2012

I am exactly like you, I always stick up for others but never myself.

I'm sorry to hear that I wish I could fight for you one day ^.^