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I Am So Lonely

I really wish I could meet my soulmate as I am so lonely, I don't have anyone to talk to, share my feelings and thoughts. Someone I can laugh with, all my close friends are happily married and don't have time to socialize with me. I really pray to meet my soulmate soon, or even a friend that I can talk to on regular basis... This world makes me feel so lonely. I wish my life was not this lonely.
betty1975 betty1975 36-40, F 4 Responses May 13, 2012

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hello new friend betty .

Hi Betty1975.
my friends are the same they do not like singles guys invading there space so you end up joining a gym and meeting like minded.Some single some married you have day to day to talk about and the burning question is whats a good looking guy doing in a place like this and your answers is getting fit.Betty you could join and a gym and see what happens if no joy i will talk to you my interests are seeing good movies and a keen tennis player and cyclist pool also.if you wish to chat here my number 07729776039.

I suppose the only comment I can make is get out there and make new friends. You must have some interests of your own, don't you? If not, why not explore the possibilities. Last year (2011) in September, I enrolled in evening classes to learn music, then theatre, now voluntary work of the fun kind. (I had never done this before). You might want to try other things - dancing, reading clubs, sports clubs, discovering America, libraries? Try doing a google at the activities to get you out of doldrums.<br />
<br />
Love from here!<br />
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Just go for it. You may not meet a soulmate, but you'll certainly make some friends AND learn how to be a good friend.

You can chat to me! or how about joining clubs that you have interests in and meet a whole new circle of friends you could meet your soul-mate at one!