Oh So Badly

A few months ago I went through some medical stuff. Some stuff that even the doctors didn't know much about. I had to undergo tests and procedures and I was terrified. Now I dont have an abundance of really good friends, but I thought I had a small group of close friends, people who cared about me. Well I found out through the entire three month (and ongoing) time who my real friends were and I was pretty damn disappointed. During the THREE MONTHS I was sick, only ONE friend called to see how things were going. Once she found out about the procedures, she started coming by the house and checking on me. So many of the people I thought cared about me didn't even take the time to text or call and see how college was going, or how my boyfriend and I were doing. Even though I had ALWAYS dropped what I was doing when they needed me, or called when they missed school, not one of them had returned the favor. Then the other day a friend calls me selfish, one of whom did NOT check up for three freaking months! Then my boyfriend had the nerve to call me selfish soon after that. I was completely dumbfounded and pissed off that he would have the nerve to call me that even after I stood by him when his grandma passed away, he lost his job, and I encouraged him to pursue his dream and enroll in college, all while I was sick. I am tired of giving everything I have and getting only a fourth of the compassion back! I am tired of being the support for everyone. For being the reliable one! I need someone to be MY support, MY reliable person. I am done being a good friend. There is no point when no one even appreciates it!
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It's hard when people don't appreciate the things you do for them as a friend but, don't stop being the warm , caring, person that you are because you are bound to make friends who do appreciate you for all the great things you do. I hope your health is better now and I wish you all the best .

I'm sorry I said what I said. I was wrong and I know that. I've been going through a rough time and I lashed out at you. It was one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made, and I'm so, so very sorry. I'll always be here for you, know matter what you're going through. I will be your support. Because I love you!