Valentines Day

It had to be done.. A "share" about the gruesome up and coming event that is Valentines Day.


Yes.. I know.. Its a useless day that is put there to make single people feel crap and cause those that have someone to spend needless amounts of money on insignificant items that usually end up -

A) Dead in a few days

B) Stuffed at the back of a cupboard or up the loft

C) Eaten before the day is out.

So why, after all the heartache and pain i have  been through over the past 3 years, do i still feel the horrible gut wrenching feeling that comes with "V Day"? Is it really impossible to just think of it as "just another day" .... Even if i try to forget that its "that day" i always make it into ANTI V DAY... a if that will make any difference.

And to top it off my work place has decided to have a "secret love box" oh what a nightmare.. People will pull a prank of the lowest of low, the most miserable and undesirable girl in the place.... who will that be... Me.. Guaranteed.. Maybe i should call in sick.. I mean who honestly thought that our office could use the box as a sensible tool? The most part of the company is populated by hormone raging, teenagers that dont seem to share a brain cell between them when it comes to anything other than work.

Oh woe is me.



Emsy Emsy
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 8, 2010

I love your sense of humour, or at least your way of making something depressing, like being alone on V-day and turning it into an eloquent story. You are young and I'm guessing very attractive. You sound extremely intelligent and probably more mature than your age. I see nothing but good things coming your way in the future. You may have to open your eyes and mind more though to receive them. All the best in your endeavours...