After having lived witht he same person for 18 years I took a great many things for granted, namely the way that her simple presence gave my life meaning and support. Now that is has been almost 1 full year since we separated I know now more than ever that I was never meant to live alone. As great as the hugs of my two little angels are, they are alas not enough to counter the need I now realise is within me, to hold and be held by someone who means the world to me.

The weekends go by too fast because I have my girls with me, and the weekdays seem to stretch into eternity as I count the seconds that I will be spending alone before I will once again be able to see my girls.

It is difficult enough to bring the girls back when they both so clearly express their desire to stay with me, but to return to an empty house where only minutes before the sounds of happy childhoods filled the air was is a hell all onto its own. To hug a pillow may give some comfort but it is truly nothing like feeling the arms of someone else around you or the welcoming, appreciative warmth of my own arms wrapped around that special person.
Falcran Falcran
41-45, M
1 Response Apr 22, 2012

Yes. I agree. 2 years and counting. I tends to get easier with time, but the need to hold someone will always be there.