I'm 15.
My birthday is December 20. I'm 5'6. I have Green eyes, which used to be Grey.
I draw, write, read, paint.
I play Clarinet, Flute, Violin, and Piano.
I play LaCrosse, FieldHockey, Basketball, and Soccer.
I attend group things and YoungLife.
I'm in a school marching band "The Lumberjack Express; Pride of Nicholas County" which consists of about 130 students.
I'm currently writing a book, I've written several short stories in composition notebooks.
I'm scared of love, and scared of getting hurt. I've never had my first kiss, I say I don't like hugs when I secretly love when people wrap their arms around me..
I have a Cat named Dot, whose birthday is March 1. [:
I was borin in LittleFalls, NewYork but moved to WestVirginia when I was 8. Because my father is originally from WV and mother form NY, they met online.
I had two little brothers, Tyler and Prestyn .
Tyler was 7 when he drowned, he would now be 13.
Prestyn was 6, he would now be 12.
The occurence happened March 25, 2007. Tyler was gone on the spot. Prestyn acouple days later.
My dad met another girl, (My parents divorced when I was 4) and she doesn't like my sister Madisyn who is 10, and I.
She got my dad into drinking, I met her the day of the boys` funeral.
She had 5 kids. Her son, David, who is a year older than me, But the youngest of her 5, picked on me a lot. We moved and I attended a different school for fourth grade, I wanted to move back to my old one for fifth grade because most of them would go to a different MiddleSchool. (There's two in the county).
I did and then my dad abandoned us and left for Missouri in 2009 and we haven't seen him ever since, he forgot my birthday this year..
my sister and I got taken away from my mother Nov. 1 2009 and put with our grandparents.
Who yell at us and taunt us, occasionally hitting us. Whenever CPS or court orders come no matter what we tell them, my grandmother puts on a nice act like she has nothing wrong.
I cry myself to sleep occasionally. I've cut myself many times.
I'm forced into counciling because of my 'attitude'.
Yet. I keep a smile on my face and a Perky attitude.
I can't ever let my little sister know that I'm not emotionally stable .
But I find everything funny and my humur is sky highh [:

You can find TylerAndPrestynRobinson's website on Google. And Youtube.
LumberjackExpress is also on Youtube.
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Jan 20, 2013