Am I Worth It?

I'm honestly questioning my looks, like am I even attractive enough to grab a guys attention. I know that personality is what guys go for, but it just seems weird.. People tell me I'm pretty, however my school is big on jokes... I'm only told pretty by complete strangers too.. My friends don't compliment me at all, I don't care that they do or don't. But most friends would occasionally. I just kinda wish I was a bit more attractive, and maybe then a guy would like me. For once. I know I don't have to be 100% gorgeous for a guy, but apparently I'm like.. -3239584 x bajillion%. It's ridiculous.. My smile isn't perfect from where I have false teeth, not all of them, chill, only two. My upper laterals, which are the top two right beside your front teeth. I had braces once upon a time. Ew. :[  Idk It could just be me? :/
ArtsyJayde ArtsyJayde
13-15, F
3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Your young for me as well, But In my opinion, you re very pretty, You have nice eyes and they seem to light up when you stick your tongue out. Now, just try smiling and you will be gorgeous. I hope you find what your seeking in the future

You're too young for me, and idk if you'll take this adjective as a complement or not, but you're very cute.

Lol, it's okay.. And thanks...

You are gorgeous!! Dont ever doubt yourself!!! I was going through this just a little while ago! Like last week! Hahaha but please message me! I will be happy to talk!!