Love Cuddles, But Never Get Any!!

 ive never had a girlfriend or anything like that, cos im too shy and quiet and so on, and im not one of these guys that just goes out looking for sex either, so it leaves me kinda stuck, cos i have been dying for a cuddle for ages!! i work in a hotel, and sometimes i see young couples just having a few drinks, cuddling up to one another while watching the tv, and it always looks so good, and i always wonder what it would be like for me to be cuddling up to a woman like that, just holding her in my arms!!  lol!!!

cowshed123 cowshed123
36-40, M
9 Responses Jan 11, 2010

and you sound just like the kind of woman im looking for hehe (((hugs)))

You are just the kind of man I am hunting for.

awww! i dont know why you are having a hard time, that is exactly what so many women are looking for! good luck *cuddles!*

hehehe, thank you *Floydess*!! {{{cuddles}}}

i used to have a cat to cuddle years ago, and i miss it !! : (

I hope you find that kind of love you are looking for soon... I understand, I like to cuddle my cats...

hehe, thank you *Girlonawire* lol

That's just so adorable:]

aww, thank you hunny (((hugs))) to you too!!!!