Too Much Stuff Not Enough Time

This week is going to be a real bear!! I have a test in Math Tuesday with all the chapter homework due. I have a final in my Education class on Thursday and my portfolio is due as well as my observation hours which aren't finished. I have three tests on Friday for ONE class (psychology) and the final on Saturday as well as a 30 page paper! Did I mention that I have all this in addition to working all week!!! UUHHGG!

And why am I not writing write now? It's 11pm and my brain is only functioning half way.

Any takers?

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10 Responses Feb 22, 2009

hope u got it now

Hi,<br />
I can help all pupils and students at math. Sure I don't want to loose my time and I decided to provide such services at very available costs. If someone needs help then do not hesitate.

WHEW! Made it through the week and passed the education class and the psych. Not sure of grades on anything yet but what I expect in the education class is an A because i kicked booty! As for the other, it was tough and I know I got a 100 on the final but not sure on the rest. I'd love an A, but a B would be okay and a C, well it's passing so at this point whatever happens happens.


i feel for you and you are juggling again- you do need alot of help!!!

Took the Test~I'm a Type A. Don't agree with the results. I am friendly but would never call myself outgoing.

anything that can be done over email? I'll help !

Okay someone can just go to work for me while I do the homework? It's gonna be a long week!

To far for me to drive to do homework LOL

I'll take you on, Split :-)