They Think I Am Vicious

I have been with this man for over twelve years now and the only thing I have heard is what a "B****H I am to him. I have put up with his hitting me throwing my children out of the house and his son steal and lie about everything he talks about. Yet I am not supposed to say the bills need to be paid and are you going to get a job or why didn't he get punished and I am sick of hearing "if you don't like-it go" so guess what "I went" shock to him I bet! I sold the wedding ring to cover ONE of the many debts that he has ac-curred in my name without my permission. I get from people who don't know the REAL him is" you should appreciate that he loves you"??REALLY? I will tell them this live with his trifling crap then. He can sit around and watch TV and you pay all the bills and do the shopping the cooking the cleaning and the DEMAND of HIS needs. You buy his cigarettes and you not a smoker. I am on to better and more mature things in my life...I AM A FREE-BIRD now. and there is no-one who will ever cage me again. He has bankrupt me and emotionally scared me for life and on top of all that because i stayed with him after all the things he has done most of my family members will have contact with me over this.I want to scream LISTEN you don't know what really happened but, I am growing accustomed to the fact they probably NEVER will.
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WOW, SAME STORY HERE guess the names were changed to protect the innocent -lol ..and after many many years she left me for my priest !! I was like - KNOCKED TO MY KNEES
I cooked-- cleaned --paid for everything even her yeasly brand new cars raised her two kids and two of mine -and im the *******!
I admit I feel just like you .I guess people call these types "TAKERS "
.but ....SOMEHOW .......I found a better way from nothing - ill share more if ya want....

Thank you for your support also! I am feeling better and better every day. I went to court yesterday and I was told to get a lawyer. Well while I got a lawyer for that, I got one for a divorce too! Azz thinks I still coming back. I will not even speak to him or look in his direction. I am going to go through this for a bit and I will be ok. . I was brain washed into believing that I did not deserve better. Guess who went to talk to GOD and found out different.???

I don't think you are vicious, I think you have saved your life and I congratulate you for having the courage to do so. Beginning a new life is not easy but it will be so worth it, I know, I've been there. Blessings of love and light to you and wishing you happiness on your journey. Giggles :)

thanks 2 U! you are the first to congratulate me on this mew adventure. Unfortunately he has run off the few people I let in ;my life for fear of them seeing how he treated me. That is ok though I will make new friends, and have many new and my shadow...The sad but true part is he thinks I had no reason to leave him and I will be back. NOT I hope you at least take a mini-va away from the torment. Thank you again for your support...

So funny to read this, I was just saying to my husband, about a party he wants to attend, "so we can go out and you can be a totally different person and socialize and then people wonder why I am so unhappy with you - what is wrong with ME?!" He laughed. I was being serious - so I understand some of what you are talking about! I am happy that you had the courage to leave - good for you. Your real friends WILL hear your side and understand! Good luck to you!