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Feeling Like Not Going Forward.......

My best friend is getting married and moving out from her parents home, and My other friend is pregnant and getting married, my best friend has been with her boyfriend for 2 years and the one who's pregnant well less then a year...... I am happy for both of them I am actually very excited but my best friend thinks I am jealous of her and shes not making me feel any better by saying " I'm sorry it's not you"... but truth is I am not jealous I am just sad I've been with my guy next month for 4 years and he doesn't know if he wants a life with me or not, we had plans on moving out so we can learn about each other and well see if me and him got a future and I agreed even though I have different believes..... but he cancelled on me he doesn't want to move out anymore he sometimes says he does sometimes says he doesn't same with sometimes he wants to be with me all his life and sometimes he doesn't and actually let me rephrase that he is not exactly my boyfriend anymore he broke up with me 2 months ago because he couldn't figure out how to move out because his mother wanted to move out with us at first I agreed and he was happy but a day after I was like am I an idiot of course his mom can not move out with us I mean we are young couples that need to have fun and learn about each other and if his mother is there how are we suppose to do that? and not only that his grandma would be there as well, and shes old so she will be there 24/7 and i want to be comfortable in my own home that I am paying for as well and then I almost agreed again so his mom will move out with us but it was too late he just gave up cause he couldn't figure it out...... well point is if we dont move out or do something new in our relationship I just feel like our relationship isn't going anywhere forward we are seeing each other but not as boyfriend and girlfriend he wants to be there for my b-day 2morrow cause he wants to be a part of that but that's obviously the only part he wants to be a part of .... I am trying to let the guy go I don't want him a part of my life anymore even though I love him to death but whats the point of all of this if his not trying to go anywhere forward with us.... none of my friends know we broke up yet and neither does my family sometimes I just feel like he doesn't love or is in love with me anymore well mostly because he doesn't want to get back together Hopefully after my b-day and the cruise we are going to go to with my family I won't look forward anymore to anything else and I will be able to just say goodbye to him even though I've already tried and failed.... 
BrokenWings1616 BrokenWings1616 18-21, F 1 Response Oct 15, 2010

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regardless of whether or not you are married or not you still have a life together. You have been together for 4 years you are definetly a part of eachothers lives. Marriage is a big step for alot of people and not much good comes out of rushing into it.