My Husband Is A Moron

For someone whose job is dependant upon observation and intelligence I am shocked at how dumb he is. Today I came home to him using my springform pans as plaster molds, he attempted (for the third time since Thanksgiving) to glue our kitchen drawers together with our daughters elmers craft glue and he put the deli meat away in the pantry. He also fed our child chocolate milk and twix for dinner... I love him but sometimes feel like I married Dorrie from Finding Nemo...
katherineJane katherineJane
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1 Response Feb 8, 2013

Elmer's glue actually works very well on wood of any kind. If it's real Elmer's it's actually the best glue for wood. As far as the Twix for dinner, well one or two trips to the dentist should fix that. Have him take her on his day off and pay the co pays. He'll be less kind with the candy after. But yeah im a guy myself and we can be pretty ignorant. Times have changed a bit now though the education is 4 xs what it was when I was in school. Good luck to you

Elmer's glue... Okay if it holds this time I will be a believer. Thanks for the encouragement.. I just thought he might have sniffed too much glue as a child.

Haha It's possible. We all get a little bored as kids.