I'm A Very Emotional Creature

Every day I'm trying to keep myself strong when I'm feeling emotional, and I really do look stronger then I am to most people (but it's more like a facade that I put up because I don't want people to see my tears, especially the ones who I care about the most) , but in fact I'm a very emotional creature. I cry even more though when someone is holding me when I'm sad, but after the hug I feel much better. I feel like.. when I have those moments that I have to let it all out and cry, I need to be held before I break like china... I'm so breakable.. I wish I wasn't though....
AngelicLights AngelicLights
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4 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Thank you SugarSpiceSoNice, but I wish I didn't have a reason to cry.. i think everyone does. Lately I've been crying so much when I'm alone. I don't want anyone to see my tears, especially the people I care about.. It's not easy to explain why I'm emotional. Gonna go to dinner now ;) maybe i'll write more about it later.. xxx

When you think no one cares, take a deep breath and listen ;O)

thank you for telling me this. I think I needed those words... *hug*

Angel, did you know that when a tear falls it isn't in vein? I truly beleive that when a lady cries, it is heard. There is nothiing wrong with having such a heart like yours and feel the pains so that you do cry. I too feel pain for others when they hurt and perhaps thats what gives me such a unique understanding on a level where there is no room for judgement but understanding.