Somewhere I Belong To...

I have TB, a multi-resistant one. I am under treatment in the States for 14 years, then I come back to Vietnam for a break. Then I get stuck there because the Consulate asks me to do the culture, which I have to spend 10 weeks + for the result, though I get the culture results from the US one day before I get back. I don't have any medication now, which is really fatal now. My parents are all under stress now. I see them lose weight, and are under too much pressure. I can't handle that at all. I have to quit my studying, waiting here for nothing. My holiday now turns out to be a disaster. Whenever waking up, I have no clue what I should do to kill times. I don't have any passion to do anything else.

My younger brother breaks my parents' heart today, another suck. I don't and never want to see them upset at all. My mom did cry.

I am bisexual. I love one guy. He left me and broke my heart. I still love him although one year passes. I met him a month ago. I can't say I still love him, can't say I miss him, and even I can't say he coming back to me because my ego is too high. I have removed and blocked him on facebook. I met another guy, and he fell in love with me. I accept him, but I don't have any feelings though we had kissed and made out. I still miss the other one.

I don't know why God has given me all this in a year.

I just want to escape this world. It's so tiring...
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Jan 23, 2013