All I Need Is Someone

I have this fantasy  of  just being to hug someone I love and lye with them forever.

It's because I don't have any special people in my life. My family doesn't really care for me and I never had a boyfriend.

I know I'm pathetic...

Saigo Saigo
18-21, M
4 Responses Jun 15, 2008

I don't know you, but I wll give you a hug here, We at the EP site know and understand your situations, we care and are here for you. If you live in a place, where you are not wanted, and you can get away from where you live then, by all means come to the United States, and I will put you up and take care of you, I have two homes, here! We can, help you if possible, I know people and can get you help.

You are not a pathetic person, Saigo. You must not think of yourself as such.

Thanks Mother :)

You are not pathetic! My family don't have much time for me, I haven't spoken with my mother in roughly 18months! Having a partner isn't everything, when the time is right you'll meet someone who will make you feel as special as you are - until then work on yourself and your insecurities...... it will make you more attractive :)