I Desperately Want A Hug.

Well, I've never really had a long hug and I'm really craving one. I want someone there with me(like a boyfriend)to tell me everything is going to be okay. I want to hug someone for hours and sleep and cuddle my trouble thoughts away. I need someone to depend on, someone to spoil me with love and care. I want to feel loved and warm inside. All I get is a cold numb feeling and it disgusts me. I want someone to make me feel beautiful with a simple long hug. To make me feel wanted and loved. I want to be happy and smile when they hug me. I want a long warm hug, is it to much to ask for?
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18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

It seems like the only place to truly find your significant other is on the internet. I see dozens of people reaching out for something they can't find in life; resorting to forums and asking for reassurance.

I feel the same way as you, believe me. I'm 19, male and haven't been in a relationship since primary school (doesn't count). I learnt the hard way through getting friend-zoned by the only girl I ever truly loved. She was beautiful in my eyes but made poor choices with guys in her early teens. I never summed up the courage to ask her out until it was too late. Since then I feel as lonely as you seem to be.

I don't believe I have any problems with my appearance but I won't approach a girl if they take no notice of me beforehand. Most guys want sex and I find this incredibly immature. I want to find someone to love and cherish, making them feel special. Modern society is full of foolish guys and girls who hook up at clubs whereas I feel I've out grown that (never got into the clubbing scene) and want to find a girl who I can spend time with, to hug, to kiss and spend the rest of my days by their side.

If only it were that simple...

ps. Wish you all the best in finding that special someone who will treat you the way you deserve. I hope to someday.

I feel your pain,as feel the same in a guy kind of way.