Thief Staring At Me And My Dad In My Dream

I dreamt this dream this morning. I was in my childhood home with my parents. It was night time. My mom and I were chatting and she told me that a lot of burglaries were happening around the area lately. I asked my mom why they were still living in that place with such problems and my mom was saying "everything is up to destiny. what has to happen will happen". At that point, I heard a commotion outside and ran to the front door to close it and also the windows. I then saw a bulky tall guy staring back at me through the window and giving a slow menacing smile. My dad came behind me asking if anyone was at the door, so this guy walked off. I saw 2 other guys along with this guy and a woman. One of the guys was short and thin and looked quite nasty himself. The woman walked back towards us and just stood there staring at me and my dad. I started shouting 'thief' and actually did it loudly. My husband had to shake me to wake me up from the dream. Not sure what this means. It has bothered me quite a lot. If anybody is able to interpret this for me, it is much appreciated.
Cheekilak Cheekilak
Sep 11, 2012