Love Triangle

I don't really remember the beginning. But what I do remember was we were driving then we pulled up to some houses and it was Halloween then I got out of the car with the guy I'm starting to like again and once dated. And then this girl who we annoyingly tries to get his attention hops out too she following his every move like a dog and we all go inside and all my close friends were there, then all of sudden we all end up at my house with my family. And he says he's going to the washroom to smoke and she's still following him but I think nothing of it. A few hours pass by and I decide to go look for them and their having sex in my bathroom and I automatically get pissed off and me and him get into a fight so I go upstairs to take a shower and when I come back they're both gone so I ask my sister where he went and she says "straight upstairs and straight out the door"
teeeks teeeks
Nov 28, 2012